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    Gabriel Afghan Hounds are owned and bred by Brenda and Neil Brody from The Woodlands, Texas.

   In January 1969, my first Afghan Hound, Disraeli of Scheherazade, was acquired as a pet. Of course one is never enough, so in 1971, I was given the gift of Brody's Tara Boom.This one happened to be a wild and crazy female puppy. She did so many bad things, like jumping across the kitchen counter, tearing through the rest of the house and reeking havoc while we were gone, and then returning to the kitchen when she heard us return. Tara also loved to dig up the ashes from the fireplace, scattering dust everywhere
was her favorite pastime activity. So in order to have  some sanity, we enrolled in obedience classes and she really excelled. She earned her CD title quickly and was ranked in the top 10 for Afghan H
ounds the year she competed.

It was at the obedience events that I first saw conformation competitions. I had never seen anything like it and was quite fascinated with this aspect of the dog world.We set about to get a "show" quality dog and thus began our journey in conformation competition and breeding. The first true "show" dogs we bought were Akaba's First Class of Astral, C.D. and Ch. Akaba's Sweetheart on Parade. All our dogs go back to these first two.

I have learned over the years that you get from what you breed. If you breed it you will get it, so it's best if you like it. When there are major faults you're trying to correct it can take several generations to try to do the correcting. And just as you think they are gone they will certainly pop up. If you want to breed for "show" dogs it is best to breed the dogs that have exhibited those qualities you hold most dear. This applies to lure coursing and obedience dogs too. If you're wanting to incorporate those aspects it is best to breed to dogs that exhibit those qualities or buy from people who do that.

Even though the Afghan Hound Standard is really quite definitive it does leave room for interpretation. The essence of the breed to me is beauty, elegance and movement. There needs to be a certain balance of all the parts to achieve this. Living with a sane and good natured animal is also very important to me. It is to this aim that we strive. Hopefully those who share with us, through the dogs we've bred, will also have a happy animal that will bring joy to their lives.

Brenda Brody

Brenda and Neil G. Brody

19 W. Shaker Ct.

The Woodlands, TX 77380-2653

Phone: 281-367-5323

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